Wednesday, May 16, 2012

100% Pure Eye Creme

100% Pure Coffee Bean Eye Creme

I use this pretty much every morning. Dot a little under my eyes. It smells wonderful. Kind of chocolate-y coffee-y  yummy-ness.

I have always had super red cheeks. Sensitive and warm to the touch. I started looking into "calming products" - was not liking the price tags I was finding. But I noticed a lot of them had caffeine in them. So I am doing a little experiment of my own. Dotting a little of this on my cheeks under my tinted moisturizer the past few mornings.  Not seeing any difference, but its only been 2 days...

I see on the 100% pure website it comes in a tube now. I still have half a bottle left, wonder when they switched?  Anyway, $19.00 for an ounce. 
Well ...after dealing with 100% pure customer service, I would not recommend shopping with them at all.

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